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September-October 2012 I will be working on a paper concerning the American Civil War.  It will look at elements of the amphibious and surface combat on the waters of the Mississippi River and its tributaries - possibly concentrating on Vicksburg, Mississippi. November-December 2012 I have a unique Independent Study class in which I will look at the combined development of submarine and anti-submarine warfare during the period between World War I and World War II. January-February 2013 I will be participating in my capstone course and have chosen to look at the development of amphibious operations in the United States from the American Revolution to their extensive use in the Second World War. Ongoing until July 2016 I will be rewriting a piece on the American Civil War naval battle, the Battle of Mobile Bay, 5 August 1864.  As we celebrate the 152th anniversary of the clash, my goal is to release new information that changes a great deal of what has been known to date.  It will not change everything, but what I found out may surprise you. Ongoing until publication in the fall of 2016 I am currently researching in preparation to publish a book on a naval aspect of the War of 1812.  Part of the topic involves New England.  Updates will be forthcoming. Ongoing until future publication I will be working on a major book concerning a World War II topic, specifically having to do with the Battle of the Atlantic.  The undertaking is a fairly massive one and this one will take me some time to complete.
For proprietary reasons I do not post all of the information about my project topics at once.  As they progress I will reveal more of the specifics of each one.
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