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Defining moments. They happen to all of us with varying degrees of impact and at different times in our lives.  For me, a very impactful defining moment came in the form of a trip to East Coast historical locations when I was nine. My family toured the sights in Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown, Philadelphia, Boston and an amazing stop at Fort Ticonderoga in New York. History came alive for me on that trip...
Three replica ships grace the dock adjacent to Jamestown, a must see when in Virginia.
A cannon is fired by a Continental era artillery crew at Yorktown, Virginia.
I walked the path of the Patriots at Lexington and Concord, and walked the deck of “Old Ironsides” in Boston Harbor.  Soon my path led me to the library where I found books on history, and the die was cast.
Today, I tell my story in the hope that others will take it to heart and share the excitement of history with their children and grandchildren.  The rewards are immense. A trip today could be a defining moment for them.
Entrance to American Civil War tunnel dug by Union miners in Petersburg National Battlefield.
My own interests are in military history (primarily naval) from 1750 to 1945, but I do not study just war and battles—I am interested in the people and the choices that they made.  The technologies that developed due to their use in conflict is also something I study.  The human condition has included strife, and we must understand how we faced it and overcame it to understand peace.
Without bias, my attempt will always be to unearth the facts and present them as clearly as I can.
The USS Constitution helps us remember the War of 1812. She can be seen in Boston.
I believe that the study of history is for us all. It is my hope that this website will inspire the newcomers, and encourage those for whom history is already a part of their life.  I invite discussion on all topics of history; my request is that all exchanges remain respectful, even in disagreement.
I hope to learn from you, and that I can share new perspectives as well.
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